Certification Tracks

Three unique tracks are available for Wake Forest University faculty and staff each with customizable features and flexible course offerings, including in-person and online instruction.


The CORE track allows faculty and staff to build their current personal and professional strengths. Participants will gain a fresh insight into critical University systems and gain an understanding of key topics in their own development. All five competencies are balanced within this track.

CORE Certification Progress Tracker: CORE – CPT

CORE Leader

The CORE Leader track is a more intensive program designed with “people-managers” in mind. The focus of the Leader track is to develop well-rounded university leadership to guide our community to future success. The Leadership and Organization Acumen competencies and the classes there within, receive additional focus for this track.

CORE Leader Certification Progress Tracker: CORE Leader – CPT


The CORE AP track is specifically designed for administrative professionals within the University community. The creation of this track was generated from the Staff Climate Survey and multiple requests from leaders in this field. This option blends many of the required elements of the CORE and CORE Leader tracks to best serve some of the most important support individuals on campus.

CORE AP Certification Progress Tracker: CORE AP – CPT

Completion time for certification is typically at least two full academic years to allow faculty and staff time to practice class concepts. Individuals who complete a CORE track receive a CORE certificate recognizing this achievement and recognition at an annual recognition luncheon.

Each track will have specific required and elective classes so that the CORE curriculum is satisfied while still allowing participants to choose topics and classes that they are interested in. Although classes will be designated specifically as “required” and “elective” for each designated track, class will be open to all faculty and staff who are interested in participating.  Participation in the CORE program is completely optional and is not required for leadership assignments, additional responsibilities, or career progression.

All tracks take approximately two academic years to complete. Track Requirements are detailed below:

Required Elective
Communication 5 2
Community 5 2
Leadership 3 2
Organizational Acumen 5
Personal Progression 6
CORE: Leader
Required Elective
Communication 6 2
Community 6 2
Leadership 8 3
Organizational Acumen 9
Personal Progression 9
Required Elective
Communication 6 2
Community 4 2
Leadership 3 1
Organizational Acumen 4
Personal Progression 8