The CORE competencies are guided by the University Strategic Plan, the Staff Climate Survey, and benchmarking peer institutions and organizations outside of higher education. The initial list of over 60 potential competencies was consolidated to five that support the goals and values of Wake Forest administration, faculty, and staff.


  • Communication: Communicate ideas, thoughts, and facts in ways that are both appropriate and effective to achieve University goals and build mutually beneficial relationships.
  • Community: Realize and appreciate the unique aspects of working within higher education to leverage resources to further advance the University and its constituents. Partner with local community organizations to enrich Winston-Salem and its surrounding areas.
  • Leadership: Build skills and competencies to maximize leadership potential, and manage resources to attain organizational and societal goals.
  • Organizational Acumen: Expand knowledge of University structures and processes within the legal, social, and economic context affecting the organization.
  • Personal Progression: Develop and implement an individualized plan for personal and professional growth.