Leading at Wake

Leading at Wake

Realizing Excellence in Supervision and Engagement

The Professional Development Center is excited to launch  Leading at Wake, a leadership development series designed to support and equip Wake Forest’s people leaders and supervisors. In keeping with the university’s motto, Pro Humanitate – for humanity, the supervisor series seeks to advance a progressive, values aligned model of leadership that is grounded in a deep understanding and belief in the potential of all employees.  Consequently, series offerings are focused on delivering the essential content, skills, and best practices that foster and optimize employee engagement and performance.

Guiding Framework

The series is guided by a developmental framework and approach that recognizes the connections between engagement and performance to create a growth oriented culture of organizational excellence and health.

Learning Domains

Data from Wake Listens and feedback from current employees, supervisors, and administrators along with a review of contemporary leadership research and best practices helped shape and inform Leading at Wake’s learning domains– engagement and belonging; supervisory alignment and clarity;  inspiring, motivating, and relating, and wellbeing and resilience. Courses will be organized according to learning domains. Principles and best practices of inclusive excellence will be integrated across the leadership series.

Program Structure and Sample Courses

Leading at Wake offers a phased, developmental approach to leadership development.  Phase I courses provide the foundational content and skills that every people leader needs to carry out their supervisory functions.  Offerings center on engaging and motivating employees, employment law and policies, and performance management. Phase 2 courses add more advanced skills and provide opportunities to apply learnings through experiential exercises.  Phase 3 will provide in-depth, insight oriented learning experiences that allow leaders to grow in their knowledge and understanding of self, others, and systems level organizational dynamics. Courses designed and offered by partner campus offices and departments that fall within the Leading at Wake domains (e.g., iLab and Office of Wellbeing courses) are included in the Leading at Wake learning paradigm.

Current Offerings

Synchronous, instructor-led offerngs will be available soon.  Check Workday Learning under the Leading at Wake topic.

Online Offerings

View a variety of online, asynchronous offerings here as well as within Workday Learning under the Leading at Wake topic.