Workday Online Training courses are now available!

Workday Essentials

Workday Essentials classes are designed so that members of the University community only need to complete 101, 102, or 103.  These classes are online classes only.

Workday Essentials for Faculty & Exempt Staff  (Online Training)

  • Workday terminology
  • Navigating Workday
  • Managing personal information
  • Managing benefits
  • Requesting Paid Time Off (PTO)
  • Viewing payroll information
  • Modifying payment elections (direct deposit)

Workday Essentials for Hourly Staff  (Online Training)

  • WD 101 content, plus
  • Entering time worked

Workday Essentials for Managers  (Online Training)

  • WD 101 content, plus
  • Managing the Workday inbox
  • Employee time-tracking
  • Managing employee Paid Time Off (PTO)

WD 103 is designed for all managers and those who approve time and PTO requests.

Workday Essentials for Student Workers  (Online Training Only)

  • Viewing/printing payslips and tax documentation
  • Managing payment elections (direct deposit)
  • Time tracking methods

WD 104 is an online class designed specifically for student workers.

*Everyone is encouraged to take the appropriate Essentials class prior to taking subsequent classes. Basic navigation and Workday terminology will not be covered in non-Essentials courses.*

Human Capital Management

HCM classes online are being developed at this time.  Please check back for more information and links.  Currently Job Aids can be found in Workday under the Training & Support worklet then under Job Aids & Videos worklet and Training Resources.



FIN 101: Workday Finance Essentials  (Online Training)

  • Banner-to-Workday functionality
  • Approval process
  • Routine financial transactions (creating requisitions and more)
  • Viewing submitted requisitions
  • Reporting basics

FIN 101 is an online introduction to the Financial Data Model (FDM) and is a prerequisite for all Workday Finance classes. The appropriate Workday Essentials should be completed before participating in FIN 101.

FIN 102: Procurement in Workday  (Online Training)

  • Creating a requisition
  • Creating a supplier request
  • Procurement reports

Note: You will learn how to create receipts off of purchase orders created by your requisitions in FIN 103: Invoicing and Receiving in Workday.

FIN 103: Invoicing and Receiving in Workday

  • Creating a supplier invoice (direct pay invoice)
  • Creating a receipt (and return)
  • End-user reports

Note: If you did not attend FIN 102: Procurement in Workday, you may not have a purchase order ready to create a receipt and return. You will be able to use the job aids to create those two types of documents.

FIN 104: Reimbursements in Workday  (Online Training)

  • Creating an expense report
  • Requesting a spend authorization (advance)
  • Reconcile PCard purchases in Workday
  • End-user reports


Budget and Planning

BUD 101: Budget and Planning in Workday

  • Developing budgets
  • Budget types
  • Budget reporting