Changes to the PDC reservation system

Workday Learning officially launched at Wake for faculty and staff learning opportunities. You can learn more about how to browse and enroll in courses by reviewing written materials and microlearning training videos that are available under the Workday Topic within Learning or under the Training & Support worklet.

Workday Learning has replaced the PDC Online, along with portions of this current PDC event system. This PDC site for course reservations is no longer active.  The PDC website will remain up and available for learners to view and download their transcripts from previously attended events/courses.  We apologize for any inconvenience during this transition, but we look forward to the improved learning administration capabilities and increased efficiency that Workday Learning offers. Should you have any questions, please email the PDC at

Please note that WakerSpace Events can be found at

Currently the following instructor-led classes are available within Workday Learning for Faculty & Staff:

Getting Started with Workday Learning

iLab 101:  Cultural Foundations

iLab 102:  Approaches to Cross-Cultural Conflict

iLab 103:  Barriers to Inclusion

D.E.A.C. Allies: LGBTQ+ 101

PCI 101: Cashier Training

FIN 103: Invoicing and Receiving in Workday

FIN 104: Reimbursements and Pcard in Workday

FIN 105:  Workday Accounting

Caregiver Coffee Break

New Staff Orientation

Computer and Information Security Essentials

Faculty and Staff Disability Support Group

G.L.A.S.S.: Geting Involved with Study Abroad

G.L.A.S.S.: Study Abroad Faculty-Led Programs 101

G.L.A.S.S.: Geting Involved with Golbal without Leaving Campus

Excel Virtual Lab:  Charting Your Data

Excel Virtual Lab:  Filtering, Sorting & Conditional Formatting

Excel Virtual Lab:  Formulas & Functions

Excel Virtual Lab:  Pivot Tables

What’s New in Zoom?  Zoom 2.0